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Brick Replacement

Have a few spalling (crumbled/deteriorated) or cracked bricks? Our professional expertise allows us to carefully and precisely remove anywhere from 1 – 100+ brick. We've mastered the art of removing good condition brick from a wall, so it can be used in the future if needed. This keeps the repair looking authentic instead of sticking out.

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Is your foundation of your house cracking or crumbling? We use a specialized parging mixture called © DuROCK. This unique parging mix is comprised of Portland cement, silica sand, dry resins as well as small fibers to help strengthen the cohesive and adhesive bond. This product lasts longer than a regular Portland and silica sand mixture.

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Cracked and deteriorated mortar joints can allow water and moisture to seep inside the wall/brick causing disastrous damage to the rest of the wall if the problem isn't handled in a fair manor of time. As one of our specialized expertise we come in and grind or chisel out the old deteriorating and cracked mortar, replacing it with new matching mortar.

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To whom it may concern, Link Building Group Inc. has been using JMac Masonry Restoration for approximately two years. They have provided us with reliable skills, quality workmanship and timely completion of work. They stand behind their work and have worked alongside with our other trades with flexibility and great communication. I would happily recommend Jamie and his team to any potential customer.

R. S. Kane Funeral Home

Jamie Mac Cormack was observant about the poor condition of our street sign. I knew of the condition as well, but wasn’t sure of where to go or the next step to take. Jamie and myself set-up a meeting to discuss what would be required to rebuild our clock/street sign and to give me years of continued use. It was a positive meeting. It would require a tear down of the side walls, rebuild a proper foundation and properly cap etc.. I thought matching the brick, from thirty years ago, would be a concern. The size of the brick as well. Jamie, took time and found a close match, that I was impressed.
I can tell from the work he and his assistant do, that each project they take on, is important and special. While they were doing the work, I went out a number of times to chat and observe. Clean, neat and tidy.
Three important points; Jamie held to his quote, Jamie held to his promise to complete this project before the cold weather and due to the nature of our business, was always respectful to the public coming and going.
Without a doubt, in every aspect, I would highly recommend Jmac Masonry.

Property Owner

I was wanting to thank Jamie for a great job tuck pointing my house. His business approach was both professional and courteous. His on site estimate was helpful to me as he clearly explained the work to be done, the estimate he provided was also very fair compared to other masonry companies. He showed up on time to do the work and he finished when he said he would. The quality of work was exceptional and he left my property in a clean and tidy manner. I will definitely recommend JMac Masonry to my friends and relatives.

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